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Color Straps for MotoBags

€ 9.99
Nous sommes convaincus que nous concevons le meilleur équipement moto, et nous souhaitons que vous partagiez notre confiance !
C'est pourquoi nous vous offrons une garantie satisfait ou remboursé de 30 jours.
Si vous n'aimez pas le produit, quelle qu'en soit la raison, vous pouvez nous le renvoyer dans les 30 jours suivant la réception.
Si vous souhaitez demander un remboursement, contact us.

Customisez votre commande


! If you have just ordered your first set of MotoBags please note that your MotoBags will arrive with black straps pre-installed. No need to purchase them separately.


Please order 2 for a set of MotoBags ( 2 x 2 straps ).

1 is enough for 1 MotoBag only ( 1 x 2 straps ).


If you wish your MotoBags to have straps in different colors – let's say RED straps on one MotoBag, BLUE on the other ( or RED-BLUE combination on both MotoBags ) – please order 1 x RED and 1 x BLUE.

Doing it "like a Pro":

(1) Choose RED color and Quantity "1" and click "Add to Cart" – you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart.

(2) Return in your browser to the previous page.

(3) Repeat step (1) with the BLUE color.

Voilà !


Free shipping on Color straps when ordering with the MotoBags

If ordered without MotoBags, you will be sent a payment request for the shipping fee amount ( usually around 10-15 EUR ) payable before shipping.


Available in four colors: Orange, Black, Blue and Red.

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